Damar maintains a number of registrations and certifications. These include:

  • Internationally recognised Quality Standards of ISO 9001:2008.
  • Laboratory Accreditation of ISO 17025:2005.
  • ACVM Certification – Veterinary Medicines.
  • Food Grade Certification.
  • APAS (Australian Paint Approval Scheme) for roadmarking paints.

Globally, Damar is affiliated with:

The Coatings Research Group, Inc – an international association of paint and coatings manufacturers dedicated to the benefits of shared research and development. This relationship allows Damar to benefit from innovations generated by other paint manufacturers. www.coatingsresearch.com

Guild CPO, an international purchasing cooperative comprised of manufacturers and quality suppliers. Guild CPO’s members manufacture products in architectural paints, industrial coatings, adhesives, construction materials caulks, sealants, plastics and other related industries. The Guild provides cooperative purchasing services for its member companies to improve their competitiveness. For Damar this means global purchasing power enabling us to buy raw materials at competitive prices. www.guildcpo.com

The Colour Guild (The Global Paint and Colour Authority). Colour Guild is comprised of more than 55 independent paint manufacturers from 14 different countries and is dedicated to the marketing, promotion and selling of paint products. www.colourguild.com

Nationally, we belong to:

Employers and Manufacturers Association

Aerosol Association of New Zealand

The New Zealand Roadmarkers Federation (NZRF)

Licensed technologies

In order to provide our customers with cutting edge products, Damar has partnered with key technology provider Willamette Valley Company (timber coatings). This partnership helps Damar to continually deliver market leading solutions to their customers.