Damar has a purpose-built, hazardous substances handling and filling facility in Rotorua, New Zealand, that can manage a wide range of liquid and powder chemicals or formulations – whether for short or long runs.

Chemicals are sold under Damar’s own brands listed below, but we also fill chemical products for a number of well-known national brands.

Specific types of chemicals include solvents, industrial chemicals, pool treatment chemicals and timber preservation chemicals. Damar offers a fully-integrated, compliance managed contract manufacturing service for companies looking to outsource the filling or repacking of chemicals.

Industrial Solvents

Damar has a specialised industrial chemicals team that is committed to helping you solve your chemical sourcing problems, economically, safely and on time.
We stock and supply a broad range of industrial chemicals to NZ Industry and Infrastructure.

Some of Damar's well-recognised and highly-regarded
Damar consumer chemical brands include:

Solvents, Cleaners, Treatments and Fuels. Andrew Chemicals has a long history of supplying an extensive range of solvents to the NZ market.


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Poolstar is a pool and spa care brand based on a very easy-to-use 3-step system of testing, problem solving and maintenance.


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