Damar Industries Ltd requires Contractors, Transport drivers & Visitors to complete a Health and Safety Induction to understand the hazards they may encounter while on site, this must be completed before entry is granted.

ALL DOCUMENTATION SHOULD BE SENT DIRECTLY TO: inductions@damarindustries.co.nz


Contractor Health & Safety Induction Presentation – MHF-HSMS-6910 Contractor Induction Presentation v2

Contractor Health & Safety Questionnaire – MHF-FORM-6910 Contractor Induction Form v5.4

Contractors undertaking any project works must provide Damar with the following documentation;

  1. Evidence of training & competency for the tasks their workers will be undertaking
  2. Insurance documents – Public Liability, Professional Indemnity & Motor Vehicle Insurance
  3. Health & Safety Management System Document
  4. JSA or Standard Operating Procedures for works/project undertaking.

TRANSPORT DRIVERS – Pickup or delivery

Transport Driver Health & Safety Induction – MHF HSMS 6930 Transport Induction v6

Transport Driver Health & Safety Questionnaire – MHF FORM 6930 Transport Induction Questionnaire v6.0


Must be accompanied by a Damar representative and be familiar with procedures when on site –MHF-HSMS-4301 Visitor Induction Presentation v2

Please note that all answers must be 100% be before a contractor or transport driver may be admitted on site.