Damar Industries LTD requires contractors and transport drivers to complete a Health and Safety Induction to understand the hazards they may encounter while on site:

Damar COVID-19 Vaccine Response for anyone coming onto site:
Damar Covid Response Vaccination Letter 2021

Visitor induction:
MHF-HSMS-4301 Visitor Induction Presentation v1.2

Contractor Health & Safety Induction:
MHF-HSMS-6910 Contractor Induction Presentation v1.3

Transport Driver Health & Safety Induction:
MHF HSMS 6930 Transport Induction v5.8

After the induction please answer the following questionnaire to demonstrate that you have understand the contents of the induction, and send it to inductions@damarindustries.co.nz.

Please note that all answers must be 100% be before a contractor or transport driver may be admitted on site.

Contractor Health & Safety Questionnaire:
MHF-FORM-6910 Contractor Induction Form v5.4

Transport Driver Health & Safety Questionnaire:
MHF FORM 6930 Transport Induction Questionnaire v5.5