Damar is a New Zealand owned and operated, compliance managed manufacturer of ‘niche market’ coatings, chemicals and aerosol products.

As well as manufacturing and marketing products under our own brands, we also offer a fully-integrated contract manufacturing service that encompasses product development, as well as warehousing and distribution.


Unprecedented growth from humble beginnings

Damar Industries was originally founded 1968 in Judea, Tauranga, by business partners Ken Darragh and Tony Martin, who sold their own range of industrial-use paints and varnishes. (The name ‘Damar’ was derived from the surnames of the two original partners.)


Quality Assurance

Damar’s ‘quality systems’ approach to all areas of our business means we are driven to identifying, researching, implementing and refining new and innovative processes and products that will benefit both Damar and our customers.

Our entire facility has been built to Dangerous Goods specification and we are investing long-term to ensure we are HSNO regulation compliant in all aspects of our company’s operation.

We have our own laboratory facility which has been accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand (formally Telarc). Our laboratory has well-trained and highly-experienced chemists that ensure all products that are manufactured conform to our exacting standards for quality and durability