CDC is a leading Australian Company dedicated to the formulation, manufacture and marketing of pigment dispersions and preparations for specialist markets.

The company was formed in September 1992 to supply expanding Australian as well as overseas markets. The company’s products are used in plastics, rubber, foams, surface coatings, textiles, paper and composites.

The product range falls into six major groups:

  • Aqueous Dispersions for paint, ink, textiles, paper and speciality chemicals
  • Epoxy Dispersion for two pack epoxy surface coatings and plastics (the dispersions can also be specially formulated for aqueous epoxies)
  • Fibreglass Dispersions based on unsaturated polyesters essentially for the composite industry
  • Phthalate Dispersions for plastics and rubber
  • Plasticiser Dispersions for PVC extrusion, injection and blow moulding (these products are usually tailored to specific end users)
  • Polyol Dispersion for Polyurethane foams and elastomers