spraywell_hwlinemarker600medmarker-trolley-medLeave a mark that is easy to apply and easy to be seen using SprayWell aerosol markers in a range of vibrant colours.

SprayWell has five different product lines;

  1. Standard Marker (semi-permanent)
  2. Ink Marker (semi-permanent)
  3. Block Out (semi-permanent)
  4. Line Marker (permanent)
  5. Glow Marker (permanent)

SprayWell also has a Line Marker Trolley – a useful accessory designed for easy application of Line Marker.



There are two different Standard Marker products available; cans that are used in the upright position, cans that are held upside down.

Some common applications:

  • Marking / Identification of logs and timber.
  • Marking plastic pallet wrap.
  • Marking concrete and wooden boxes.
  • Marking out on building sites and for landscaping.
  • Road construction and maintenance.
  • Various nozzles are available depending on the application.



  • Made in New Zealand with our environmental conditions in mind.
  • Cost effective; approximately 3 m2 of marking per can.
  • High opacity enables effective coverage without the need for a high build up of film. This is very beneficial for repeated use of stencils.
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates encountered in the timber, packaging, construction and landscaping industries.
  • Contains high quality organic pigments which possess very good light fastness and weathering properties ensuring a durable mark.
  • Low odour and low irritant formula.
  • Film adheres to wet surfaces. Once substrate dries, the film binds to the surface enabling the product to be used in wet conditions.
  • Can be re-coated at any stage enabling touch-ups or colour changes without interfering with the adhesion of the original coat.


A fast drying, alkyd-based paint in aerosol form, specially designed for road or line marking.

Where To Buy

SprayWell Markers are sold throughout New Zealand through a network of 120 on-sellers.


To find out more contact Shaun Wischnowsky on PH 027-248-7739